Cambridge Festival 2023

2 April 2023

The Centre was delighted to attend this years Cambridge Festival which was held on Saturday 18 March. This was a fantastic opportunity for the public to learn more about the ground-breaking cancer research being undertaken by scientists and clinicians across Cambridge!


The Centre presented the work being carried out as part of the Brain Cancer Virtual Institute including novel drug delivery systems which are being developed to deliver drugs to the cancer cells and We also had a poster on The Virtual Child project which will help us understand how cancer develops in children!

Our jelly brain surgery demonstration was very popular, where volunteers could practice their operating skills and also to learn about the challenges in brain tumour surgery! Over 1300 people attended the event and we were pleased to share all the exciting current and future research in the Centre!

Explaining where the tumour located before surgery begins!


The image shows volunteers carrying out Jelly Brain Surgery at the Cambridge Festival.

Practicing precision when operating on the jelly brains.

Jelly brain

Better treatments for brain tumours – showcasing research across the Centre and Brain Cancer Virtual Institute

The Virtual Child project poster, showcasing this project concept which will change the way we treat children’s brain tumours.


The image shows volunteers at the Cambridge Festival carrying out jelly brain surgery.

Jelly Brain Surgery

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