Cambridge Festival 2022

26 March 2023

On Saturday 2 April, 11am-4pm, in the Hopkins Building the Centre took part in a fun-filled day of hands-on scientific activities and games as part of the Cambridge Festival 2022!

We presented the exciting research being carried out in the CRUK Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence and the new Brain Cancer Virtual Institute, showcasing current and new projects including:

The Virtual Child

The ‘Virtual Child’ is the first ever-learning and data-driven computer model of normal and cancerous nervous system development. It will support biological and therapeutic discovery, transforming treatment of children with cancer. See The Virtual Child for more information.


ICARUS Biorepository 

ICARUS (Integrated, Clinically-Augmented Repository for Universal Sampling) is the biorepository based in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. Led by Mr Richard Mair, it collects samples from brain tumour patients undergoing treatment. The biorepository is a central research resource for teams across the BCVI, allowing researchers access to tumour and other samples for their studies.Data from ICARUS informs BCVI research themes as well as feeding into day-to-day patient care through the MDT 2.0.


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