The Centre hosts the first Ependymoma Science meeting ‘EpCam 2022’

27 July 2022

In June 2022, the CRUK Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence hosted an international ependymoma meeting in Cambridge, sponsored by the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation. Held at the Hilton Hotel,  World leaders in ependymoma research gathered to share their work with peers in order to both advance and expedite discoveries in the field to improve future treatments for children with this disease.

During the meeting talks were given on topics including; how ependymomas arise and develop, ways in which we can accurately model the disease in the lab, and new therapies for the clinic. This small meeting enabled robust discussions and debates and encouraged the sharing of data and resources among attendees.  This level of trust, co-operation and collaboration was extremely impressive as well as reassuring that the best minds are working as hard as possible together to beat this terrible disease. Read more about the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and their fantastic work supporting paediatric brain cancer.


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