Collaborating Organisations

At the Centre we collaborate and are engaged with many organisations. We are pleased to be connected with organisations worldwide united in our goal of supporting children’s brain tumour research and the research community.

Please continue reading below to find out more about our friends and organisations who we work closely at the centre on events including meetings and symposium and also matters of policy.

Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

About the foundation

The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation was created in June 2013 in memory of Rober ‘Connor’ Dawes. The organisation is focused on battling paediatric brain tumours and supporting brain matters in the areas of research care and development – to fund the science to end brain cancer and support patients in the meantime.

Connor’s Story

An attack on the brain is an attack on the core of who we are. This is why brain tumours are so devastating. Robert ‘Connor’ Dawes was the victim of one such attack. He was a dedicated student, rower and rugby player as well as a Green Bay Packers fan. Connor’s brilliant mind, strong body and gentle soul faced off against an ependymoma tumour. And like many others, his brains and brawn gave it all to fight against the poor odds but on April 20, 2013, Connor’s 16 month battle ended, he passed away at home with his mum, dad, brother and sister by his side. Connor was born in Wisconsin in 1994. A child of two countries, he spent most of his life living in Australia and loving America. Connor dreamed of attending a US college to study and row, until brain cancer robbed him of the chance. Latin’s not for everyone. But it was for Connor. A brilliant student, he thrived and loved the language. After his diagnosis, his Latin class coined the phrase Aeternum Fortis and it featured on bands and t-shirts his schoolmates sold to raise money for his treatment. Now, Aeternum Fortis is our eternal reminder of the amazing person he was.

Visit the RCD Foundation website here.

Work with the Centre

The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation is the sponsor of the Ependymoma Science meeting and works closely with us at the Centre in putting together this event. The EpCam meeting brings together a group of world leading brain tumour researchers to tackle the more prescient issues and discuss the biological challenges of ependymoma. Read more about the EpCam meeting here.

Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission

About the mission

The mission brings together the brain tumour community to deliver a new national strategy for brain tumour research, treatment and care in the UK.

In 2018, Dame Tessa Jowell led a call to action on behalf of all brain tumour patients to tackle brain tumours, recognising that too little progress has been made in the treatment of patients with this devastating disease. Lord O’Shaughnessy, the then Undersecretary of State for Health, responded by convening members of the brain tumour community to design a new national strategy. And so, the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission was formed by a group of passionate academics, doctors, members of professional and patient organisations and patients.

Today, the national effort has grown in scale and size. The Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission is now a Community Interest Company which manages and supports a national portfolio of several transformational programmes in the areas of research, trials, training and patients. Our work is funded and supported by the NIHR, The Tessa Jowell Foundation, CRUK, The Minderoo Foundation, The Brain Tumour Charity, Brain Tumour Research, Brainstrust, Brain Tumour Support and Act for Cancer. The mission is chaired by Professor Richard Gilbertson (Chair of Board of Guarantors) and led by Dr Nicky Huskens (CEO) on a day to day basis.

Visit the mission website here.

Work with the Centre

The Centre works closely with the mission and has been involved in the designation of centres of excellence and analysis of the data from the designation.

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