Transforming treatments for children and training the next generation of paediatric oncology researchers

Why is it important to research children’s brain tumours?

Brain tumours remain the most common cause of cancer-related death in children. Limited progress in these diseases relates directly to the use of inaccurate preclinical pipelines that fail to identify drugs with activity in patients. Accurate preclinical pipelines are especially important for rare cancers, such as children’s brain tumours, that have small patient populations available for study.  Therefore curing brain tumours in children will require new approaches that leverage a deep understanding of tumour biology to design disease-specific therapies.

What is the Centre of Excellence?

The Centre convenes a critical mass of expert personnel, infrastructure and global collaborations in paediatric brain tumour biology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, together with expertise in preclinical and clinical trials. Our research strategy is centred around our innovative pipeline that aims to generate curative treatments for children with brain tumours.

This biology and drug discovery pipeline leverages the expertise of the brightest minds in the paediatric brain tumour field and beyond, fostering a global reach. We unite members through an international community of aligned world leading experts in drug discovery and children’s brain tumours- the International Children’s Brain Tumour Board.

At the heart of the Centre we are committed to training and developing early career research scientists through running events such as seminars, conferences and summer schools.

Our vision is to transform the way the world develops treatments for children with brain tumours

Laboratory work in the CRUK Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence

Connect with us

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