CRUK Children's Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence

Hosted by The University of Cambridge and The Institute of Cancer Research, London

Forging curative treatments for children with brain tumours

About Us

Brain tumours remain the most common cause of cancer-related death in children. Limited progress in these diseases relates directly to the use of inaccurate preclinical pipelines that fail to identify drugs with activity in patients. In April 2018, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) launched the CRUK Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence to drive progress in paediatric brain cancer research.

The Centre convenes a critical mass of expert personnel, infrastructure and global collaborations in paediatric brain tumour biology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology.  The Centre fosters global reach and unites its members through an international community of aligned experts, the International Children’s Brain Tumour Board.

Our vision

To bring together the world’s experts in paediatric brain tumour research transforming the way the world develops treatments for children

Research Themes

Tumour Biology & Models

To advance the understanding of the basic biology of paediatric brain tumours we are working to develop highly accurate models. These models will be used to identify the cellular origins of these tumours and discover genetic drivers and cell hierarchies that maintain the tumours.

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Drug Target Identification

We are working to identify and validate tumour cell proteins and pathways critical for maintaining the malignant phenotype that may serve as therapeutic targets.

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Drug Design & Discovery

Led by the Centre’s medicinal chemistry team we are utilising novel drug-to-brain delivery approaches to identify, prioritise and optimise inhibitors of new targets.

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Pre-Clinical Testing

The Centre will test lead candidates emerging from the pipeline in the context of ‘standard-of-care’ combination neurosurgery, fractionated irradiation and conventional chemotherapy. The pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and potential biomarkers (tumour, liquid biopsy and imaging) of lead candidates will also be studied.

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Training & Development

The Centre will recruit and train the next generation of research scientists in the field of paediatric oncology drug discovery and pre-clinical modelling.

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Conferences and Events

The Centre hosts meetings, conferences and events for U.K and International scientists in paediatric brain tumour research and drug discovery.

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Connect with us

Please get in touch with us with any comments and feedback or if you would like further information about the Centre.